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We are a Canadian team of experienced lawyers who successfully resolve corporate conflicts, conduct bankruptcy cases, participate in antitrust proceedings and resolve complex commercial disputes in courts of different levels. We also deal with DUI and personal injury law.

Consult with one of our DUI experts today to discuss the details of your driving under the influence case. Hire drinking and driving lawyers Toronto to be sure of the positive outcome.

We often assist firms to limit their legal exposure by aiding with the development and implementation of legal compliance and policy frameworks, contractual agreements, and obligatory and/or optional training within the workplace. We also have the experience and knowledge to effectively assist with the preparation and negotiation of severance packages, troubleshoot tough workplace conflicts, and provide strategic and cost effective courtroom support.

We assist clients in collecting evidence in cases related to bankruptcy, divorce, fraud, conducting due diligence checks, background investigations, cheating partner surveillance, infidelity investigations and other types of services help to build a strong case.

The objectives of our company are as follows:

1. Ensuring the provision legal assistance to individuals, including individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, as well as the state on a professional level in order to exercise and protect their rights, freedoms and interests;

2. Representation and protection of the interests of our clients of state bodies and other organizations regardless of their size or authority;

3. Compliance with the Canadian legislation including the Rules of Professional Ethics of the Attorney.

As an international non-governmental company registered in Canada, we have branches and offices in such countries as Switzerland and Germany where legal assistance is provided not only in accordance with high international quality standards, but, no less important, with the understanding of the local specificity of the country, thereby making a significant contribution to the development of the international bar association.

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The lawyers working in our company are independent in their legal activities and are subject only to the law protecting the rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities. They have the right to provide them with any legal assistance they need to solve a particular issue. We successfully fulfill the noble task of carrying out human rights activities and have a great potential for our further improvement in the legal sphere.

If you and your spouse have decided to live apart, you can always consult divorce lawyers in East Gwillimbury to understand your next legal step in detail. A family lawyer can assist with separation agreement, child custody, property rights or a divorce filing in accordance with the family Law.

An experienced DUI lawyers working at MassTsang can help you to solve assault charges, driving under the influence charges, drug charges, theft and fraud charges in short-terms.

Kids in divorce are the concern of child custody lawyers Newmarket. Everything related to children, the child custody lawyer can tell you, should be well-agreed and properly documented. Hire child custody lawyers serving Aurora, Bradford, Newmarket & East Gwillimbury to draft legally correct papers. Child custody is often determined by courts, so you’ll need child custody lawyers.

If you have fallen the victim of the personal injury and your lawsuit filing is in progress, it would be reasonable to consider the lawsuit loan. Settlement loan companies offer lawsuit settlement loans and settlement loans for covering either pre-settlement expenses or paying monthly bills. Many temporary disabled persons use their litigation loans to settle medical treatments which are not covered by the insurance

When you research on how to start business in Canada, first of all, evaluate all the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, if comparing it to the steady 9-5 office job, for example. You are going to have much more personal responsibility, making decisions and taking all risks. You must be sure that you know everything about the proper distribution of business finance. Launch if ready.

To reduce costs and investment, you can use equipment financing.

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